Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jordanne Junior Prom 2009

Once again we traveled to St. George so I could help Jordanne get ready for Junior Prom. The thing sticking up on her head is a peacock with peacock feathers sticking out of the tail. Jordanne wanted to do something very different and I think we achieved it. It looked fabulous and Jordanne could pull it off. Her date thought it was awesome!

For Jordanne's day date she went up to Pine Valley and went snow tubing. I was surprised she agreed to go. About two weeks ago she went on a date snow tubing, she went down the hill a couple of times and caught a little bit of air and bruised her butt so she decided she was done but her date decided he wanted to go one more time. When he went down the hill he caught a lot of air in the same spot and landed on his neck, going into an immediate seizure. Jordanne had to call for an ambulance and keep her date awake while the ambulance got there. Her date was fine and Jordanne rode back to St. George in the ambulance with him. Needless to say, she was not in a hurry to go snow tubing any time soon.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Years Resolutions

Okay, I am late in posting for the New Year (yes, I do realize it is the 20th). Last year my resolutions were:
  1. Not kill my husband (trust me, I have been tempted at times) :)
  2. Lose weight
  3. Finish some UFOs (Unfinished Objects, i.e. crafty projects)
  4. Get my Bachelor's Degree
  5. Get into law school
I always only set five goals so I can realistically achieve them. I have not killed my husband and love him as much as ever. Last January I was a size 14 and this January I am a size 8 so I am pretty happy with the weight loss. I finished a bunch of UFOs but I have an equal number that I have started and not finished this year so Colby says I have to call that one a draw. I graduated from the University of Utah in May of last year and I have been accepted into two law schools, however, I am waiting to hear back from fifteen other law schools so at this point in time I have been accepted but we don't know where we are going to be living in six months. (The not knowing is killing me, I am a planner and not being able to plan where we are going to be is really a challenge for me.)

This year I have made resolutions, I feel that writing them down makes me more accountable. Here they are:
  1. Not kill my husband (the never ending battle) :)
  2. Lose weight (my goal is a size six, I am almost there)
  3. Finish some UFOs (hopefully by this time next year I will be ahead)
  4. Be a better budgeter (I really like to go shopping)
  5. Focus on spending more time with my husband (I have a tendency, a bad one, to schedule him last into my schedule when I should be putting him first)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Erika Photography

A couple of months ago I posted some incredible photos of Jordanne. The photographer who took the photos has now launched a blog site for that photography, She does a fabulous job and her prices, when you consider what you pay at Kiddie Kandids for a bunch of photos you don't need just so you can get more poses, are great. (Honestly, who really needs 132 wallet sized photos of your children?!) Colby and I are going to have her take our pictures come spring and I am excited (especially considering our last professional photos were taken at our wedding) so look for a future posting.

That Blog

A friend of mine, Tiffini, has launched a new project from home. She creates great backgrounds for blogs that don't mess up the layout when you use them. I haven't used any of her backgrounds on this blog but my other two blogs (McArthur Clan and Diet Breakers) both have backgrounds created by her. Also, for the time being she is offering free custom headers. She has a great selection and does an amazing job! You should check them out!

Rock On!!

With the money we received for Christmas we decided to get Rockband 2 for the Wii. I have to admit I have enjoyed it more than I thought I would. It's great because four people can play at a time and you don't have to be a good singer to do well (thankfully enough since my family has not been blessed with good singing voices).

Since we have come back, Colby plays it all the time and has gotten really good. I have to admit I am not too bad on the bass. I really like it because it inspires groups to work together instead of always competing against each other. The only problem is that I am getting sick of listening to Colby play the same songs over and over. (and he does, Saturday he played it for over five hours) :)

Christmas 2008

We spent Christmas morning with my family before heading over to Colby's family for the traditional Christmas breakfast (I forgot to pull out my camera so no photos of that although it was fabulous, as usual). This year Jordanne got a digital camera and Jillian got a jazz mouthpiece for her saxophone.
Jocee and Zorn were down with their two kids. It is amazing how much small children add to the excitement of Christmas. Brejden enjoyed opening every present and got excited over everything. My favorite was his excited cry of "Look mom, I got socks!"

Milly was done opening presents once she opened up the binkis in her stocking. She then had to show them to each person individually. We finally got her interested in opening the presents and we lost her again when she opened a book. Then she went around and sat on each person's lap and had them read the book to her, it was so cute!
It was a toss up who appreciated their Christmas gift more, Jocee or me. Dad got Jocee (with some shopping help from me) the complete Friends and was so excited she almost started crying.

My cute husband surprised me this year, he called McArthur Jewelers in advance and arranged to buy a pair of earrings that I have been wanting. Jocee stopped by to pick them up and then wrapped them in a bigger box so I wouldn't know what they were (after selling jewelry for 12 years I recognize jewelry boxes). Jillian almost gave the secret away the night before by telling Colby (in front of me) that she went with Jocee to pick up my present. Jocee thought quick on her feet and said, "You know Colby, the scarf you had me get for Jessica from Beaver, we are buying local now." I bought the story and talked to Colby later that night about how I hoped it wasn't an ugly scarf because otherwise I wouldn't wear it. The earrings are beautiful and I love them. Colby did good!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we were able to arrange to spend time with both families. Unfortunately, I was so busy with other things at my families Christmas Eve party that I didn't take any photos. After spending time with my family we went to Colby's parents house to participate in the traditional opening of the Christmas Eve PJs. After we all changed into our PJs we went downstairs to watch old home videos.
The first videos we watched were on 8mm reel (picture but no sound) and it was great to see Colby at one year old. We then experienced technical difficulties and moved onto the more traditional home videos on the television. We were all entertained by the footage but towards the end the excitement of Christmas (and an early rising son) became too much for Kim and she fell asleep. (Okay, I was just excited that I wasn't the one to fall asleep for once.)

White Elephant

For my work Christmas party this year we had a white elephant gift exchange. I made this white elephant out of two bath towels, two wash clothes and a hand towel. I thought it was cute and it got some laughs.


I am way late in posting so there are going to be quite a few postings. Sorry, when you are a slacker it takes a bit to get caught up.

A couple of years ago Colby got me quilting frames. They are exactly the size of my living room. I was tying a quilt, which cut the tv exactly in half if you were sitting on the futon. I left the room to get a drink and came back to find Colby and Smokey Joe chilling under frames.

When we went to St. George for the Nutcracker, Sharlene was fostering this cute puppy. I am more of a cat person (obviously) but this puppy was so cute I wanted to take her home. Unfortunately, Jojo would have eaten the puppy in about two bites so she stayed in St. George.