Monday, June 15, 2009

Party Like It's 1999!

We spent the weekend in St. George to attend my 10 year class reunion. It was great to see everyone and catch up on their lives. Although, I have to admit I found it interesting how technology has changed how we stay in touch. The reunion was planned by conversations that occurred on Facebook. Facebook has also changed who I stay in touch with. Before my account was created I really only stayed in touch with about five friends from high school, but since the creation of my account I stay in touch (and by in touch I mean snooping around on their pages and reading their comments) with easily 75 people. In addition, I have connected with people from high school who I had classes with but wasn't really close to and it was great to be able to speak with them. I don't think that I would have cared as much if it wasn't for the connection on-line. We have three women from my class who were there and are currently expecting twins, talk about crazy!

The other interesting thing for me was how many of us traveled some distance to come and others that I know live in St. George didn't bother to attend. It makes me wonder if it is because we don't the chance to see people from our class that we are much more willing to put the effort and time into coming to visit, or if it is because we are outside of our normal routine that makes it easier for us to attend. For those of you who weren't there, you missed out.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Engagement Surprise!

Memorial weekend Dad proposed to Tia (finally)! Tia spent the weekend in California with her daughter for her daughter's grad trip. To surprise Tia, we drove the boat out to Orderville so Dad could attach the 35' sign to the boat and Excursion asking her to marry him. We set up the sign so it would greet the tour bus as it drove into to town.

Of course, the best laid plans of mice and men . . . the tour bus was about two hours late and the street into town saw more traffic than it ever had once word started to get out that some crazy man was waiting with a large sign. Dad was really nervous and got more nervous as time went by and the bus didn't arrive. He was afraid someone in town would call Tia to ask about the engagement and spoil the surprise. No one did and Tia came off the tour bus crying and completely surprised. Dad let Tia's daughter in on the secret and she asked the tour bus driver to slow down as he drove into town so Tia wouldn't miss the sign. (The beverage on the table is white grape juice, in case you were wondering.)
Tia was really surprised and obviously said "Yes!" All of us kids were there for the big question and Tia's four children and mother were also there. The event was even more special because Tia's son, Josh, was there with us. Josh was in a really bad skateboarding accident four weeks before the proposal and spent three weeks in the ICU in Salt Lake City. Josh has made an amazing recovery and we are so glad he could be there for this.
After we all toasted the newly engaged couple, Dad had Tia and him run through the sign like a football team. Tia is laughing so hard she can barely walk, let alone run. Congrats to both!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Happy Place

My reward to myself for sitting through the graduation ceremonies (have knitting, will travel) was to spend Friday on the lake. Right after we got there, this cute family of ducks came up to the boat begging food, I love how the mom is carrying the baby on her back. All my life, whenever anyone has said, "go to your happy place", I have pictured myself sitting in the bow of the boat, cruising across the lake. I don't have to get into the water or participate in the water sports to have a good time, I just like to be in the boat. I love the feel of the wind rushing through my hair and the sound of the water hitting the boat. As a general rule, and those of you who know me well can attest, I like to be productive and rarely sit without some kind of project in my hands, but there is something so calming about the lake that I feel at peace just riding around.
I spent the winter months lifting weights and working hard at the gym, determined to slalom ski this summer. (For those you non-boating types, that is one ski.) Due to the happy pounds I have put on since my marriage to Colby (thanks honey) I haven't been able to ski since my engagement (too fat to pull myself up). The big day arrived and I eagerly jumped in the water, determined to fulfill my goal. After the seventh power flush of my sinuses, I decided that almost getting up was good enough and next time I will really be able to ski.
I thought about lying and saying that this photo is of me skiing (can you tell who it is?) but dad and Colby would have ousted me. This is dad, looking incredibly graceful on the water, like usual.
Jillian came with us and had a good time (Jordanne was still recovering from staying up all night partying at grad night) but she wasn't allowed to sit next to me because she is too cute and tan. :)

Jordanne Graduation

The second graduation we were privileged to attend was Jordanne's. She graduated with high honors and was a runner up for the Sterling Scholar Scholarship in science. (Runner up still got some money so she was okay with not winning first.)
Dad really enjoyed all the speeches and, as you can see, was waiting with bated breath for Jordanne to walk through the "PV".
He really is proud of her and was awake for the important parts. (The photo quality isn't very good because my camera battery was dying.) After the graduation ceremony Dad took us all out to dinner at Texas Road House for steak.
Jordanne will attend Dixie State College this fall to get her Associates Degree.