Saturday, April 25, 2009

Jillian's First Date

Jillian didn't get asked to Senior Ball, despite being 16 for almost two whole weeks before the dance. I think word didn't get out that she could finally date. Instead of sitting around bored while Jordanne was at the dance, Jillian asked a guy out and went on her first date. They had a really good time, according to Jillian's friend who spoke to the guy (aww, the high school communication chain).
While we were there she got asked out to her first dance, Tightwad. I didn't know that the post office would mail a shoe but apparently they will.
To answer him back she mailed a beach ball with the word "YES" written on it. So funny!

Senior Ball

The Welcoming Committee! Jordanne's last formal dance of high school was Senior Ball. I traveled down to do her hair and to be there to see her off.
Dad, as you can tell, was just making sure her date understood the consequences of any actions he may choose to take that night. :)
Jordanne, of course, looked fabulous!
Jordanne's date picked her up in a sweet car that completely undid the hours of work I put into her hair. Just kidding, after he picked her up they transferred to a car with a top so it wouldn't ruin the girls' hair.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Colby's Easter Weekend

Over the last year Colby has taken on a new hobby of marksmanship. With the recent changes in government, it is harder and more expensive to buy bullets so Colby spent most of last weekend and this weekend using his father's reloading equipment to reload bullets. (I have no idea if that is the correct terminology but I am sure Colby will correct me after he reads this post.)
I spent the weekend running errands and visiting family, Colby spent the weekend using the equipment and gaining new blisters.

Softball Games

After watching Lachelle dance, we headed over the Pine View High School softball field to watch Jordanne and Jillian playing. I know it is hard to tell under all the gear but that is Jordanne under all that. She is the starting catcher for the Varsity team and didn't let any balls get past her.

Jillian had a long evening by playing in two games. She is the back-up catcher for the Junior Varsity and was put into the game half-way through. After the JV game ended she is the starting catcher for the Sophmore/Freshman team and played the entire game.
Jillian is great to watch on the base, once she gets there she is a bully to the other team's catcher. She will act like she is stealing a base and stare down the catcher, trying to make the catcher commit to one base and throw the ball. Jill has informed me that several of the other teams' catchers don't like her. The games were great to watch except it was colder than I anticipated and I didn't pack the appropriate clothes and spent most of the games freezing.

All That Jazz!

Easter weekend we were able to go down to St. George early enough to watch Lachelle dance as the lead at the St. George's Art Festival. She was amazing and looked like she was having way too much fun acting slutty. :)
She also performed in two other dances but my favorite was the jazz piece. I never cease to be amazed at how graceful she is. Even while dancing as a slut (her word, not mine) she was graceful.

Crab Night

I realize that I am late in posting so several will occur tonight. Part of the shopping spree resulted in a box of King Crab legs and claws. Since neither Colby nor I had ever cooked King Crab we watched a series of online videos outlining how to correctly steam and season the Crab. The video was great and our Crab turned out amazing! Colby also took the time to clarify 1.5 lbs. of butter. Yummy!
I have to admit I am not very good at cracking the shell and getting the meat out. I think it has to do with a lack of patience on my part to figure out the best way to get the meat out. I usually deteriorate to using the Ancient Egyptian method, sticking a stick into the shell, moving it around a lot and dumping the mashed meat out to eat. (Similar to the removal of the brain for mummification.) Kim, on the other hand, did a much better job of it than I. (I had a whole of bunch of inappropriate puns about crabs that Colby wouldn't let me post.) Anywho, you can tell by the picture that she was incredible! If you look closely you can see exactly where all the pokey parts of the shell are on the meat.

Bentley didn't appreciate the crab the same way the adults did so he had a good time playing with his trains on my hard floors.
The crab jokes didn't stop the entire evening we all had a really good evening together.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Okay, so really Rachel won and I got to help. If you opened a new account with US Bank you received a $75.00 gift certificate to Smith's Grocery Store and were entered to become a finalist. Rachel, D.J.'s wife, was a finalist which meant she got to choose one of the 22 bags on the table, each bag had a $250.00 Smith's gift certificate and one bag had a certificate for a 3 minute shopping spree in the Smith's. Rachel couldn't make it up here because of school so I went in her place with the understanding that I got half of what I won. I won the shopping spree!
The Rules were 3 minutes or 3 shopping carts full of food. Me, being the planner I am, had visited the grocery store where the event was occurring the night before to map out my plan of attack. I had to return one full cart before I could get the next one and unfortunately I only filled two.
Watch the Fox 13 news cast or the uncut mad dash (also courtesy of Fox 13). After the mad dash through the store, I ended up with $3,642.73 worth of meat.
Not only did they pay for my tab (which was nice I must admit) but they matched the amount I got and gave it to the Utah Food Bank. The person in Nevada who won only got $700.00 worth of groceries.
When everything was bagged it took seven shopping carts to haul it all out to my car. This is what the back seat of my car looked like. We managed to fill the trunk up as well.

Editor's note: I updated the video links to go straight to the Fox 13 website rather than through Facebook.