Sunday, June 15, 2008


Colby and I were able to spend several days down at the houseboat this weekend with my family. Jocee and Zorn are preparing to move to Beaver this next week so they were unable to come with us. We offered to take Brejden with us so Jocee wouldn't have so much help with the packing.

Brejden was great and loves to ride on "Pompa's boat". D.J. and Matt were able to come up from their summer job in Las Vegas to spend some time with us and really enjoyed wake boarding.

Jordanne, Jillian and Dad were with us. It is the first time since Dad got the houseboat that it has just been us so it was nice but felt a little weird to not have the boat full of people. The weather was wonderful and there was very few people on the lake so we were able to ski just about all day.

Because of the price of gas we decided not take the boat out of the slip at the dock so we drove to this great beach to let Brejden (and everyone else) play in the water. The beach had a bunch of clay so Matt and D.J. drew on themselves and Matt did a great impression of the Incredible Hulk for us.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Memorial Weekend

I realize I am a little late in posting this but life has been busy lately. I am the young Women's President for our ward and next week is Girl's Camp.

We spent the weekend in St. George. Unfortunately, it was much cooler than usual so we were unable to go to Lake Mead. (Dad was very upset about the temperature.) Colby and I spent Sunday at his parents house and Colby manned the grill when Grandma and Grandpa Squire came over for lunch. It was fabulous!

Jillian has been working hard the last couple of months to clean out mom's "sty" room. She is going to be moving into the room soon so we spent some time repainting the room in the colors she choose. I don't know if you can tell from the photo but one wall is a medium chocolate color, one wall is tan and a bright pink stripe. It looks so cute!

Monday Dad, Colby, Jordanne, Jillian, Kato and I went on a "grandpa, just over this hill, it's an easy hike, what do you mean it's been three hours and ten miles" hike. Dad kept saying it's just a little farther, I told him I knew this trick. If you notice in the few photos of me that I look pained, let's just say I am not a little as I used to be and am definitely not in the shape I once was. If you notice the sign, we were on a "protected" reserve, I love you can't go anywhere to go hiking near St. George without having to watch for the desert tortoise (that I have never seen in the wild). After hiking for several miles we decided to head back to the vehicles and Kato fell down a canyon. Kato was injured slightly and wouldn't trust us anymore when we told him to come so Colby and Dad ended up having to lift Kato down the canyon. For all my panting and whining I had a really good time and am even more motivated to get into better shape.