Monday, December 12, 2011

New House

As law school is finally starting to come to a close, Colby and I are excited to finally be moving on to other happier milestones, the first of which is acquiring our first house! (Insert excited high pitch squealing from me and hmph from Colby!) But I have learned to follow my mother's personal motto, "Why do things the easy way when there's a harder way to do it?!" and the house purchasing has taken an unexpected turn. Instead of purchasing an already remodeled house we are purchasing a house, have lined up a contractor and are going to be remodeling it. By remodeling I really me we are gutting the entire thing to create an almost entire new house. I am posting the before pictures here and when the remodel is finished I will post how it turned out. I didn't get a picture of the outside, mostly because we have gotten about an inch of rain today and I didn't want to be out in it any longer than absolutely necessary.

The house was originally built in 1947, has two additions, a den with sunroom and a one car garage but judging by the kitchen it was last updated in the 1970s. This is a shot of the front door we are keeping, as opposed to the other front door we are getting rid of. The wall you see on the left (which is a half wall separating the kitchen from the living room) is going to be torn down and a center island built in its place.

The is another angle of the wall. I am sure you are all admiring the pretty sunflowers but they will be going away. The entire kitchen is going to be redone, with a gas range top and a double electric oven replacing the current unit (that doesn't work).
The doorway you can kind of see just past the sunflower wall will be turned into a small pantry (hooray for a place to store my canned food besides under the beds). The flooring in the living room, kitchen/dining room, hallway and den are getting a nice laminate flooring, the bathrooms will remain tile (the master bath the tile has to be replaced but it will be tile) carpet in the bedrooms and the sunroom will keep its current tile.
These are a shot of the den with the second front door which will be removed and replaced with a window and wall. I refuse to run between the two doors when someone knocks trying to figure out which door they are at. The den is next to the living room (you can see the fire place through the doorway) and the other door leads to the sunroom.

This is a shot of the sunroom (I didn't get a very good shot of it and only got the one, my bad) but it leads from the den (the open doorway) to the garage (the glass door) and the other door you see is to the kitchen. It has a tacky wood door (not seen in these photos) that we are having removed and a sliding glass door replacing it which leads to the backyard.
The house has three bedrooms, two of which we are only repainting and replacing the carpet. Because it is an old house it has some interesting quirks, one of which the drawers built into the closet.

The master bedroom (shown below in lavender), we are tearing out the existing closet to add more space into the bedroom and will be building a small walk-in closet with some of the space in the bathroom.

The masterbath is the room that needs the most work, we will be enclosing in part of the bathroom in to make the walk-in closet and redoing the rest of the bathroom. As you can see the roof currently has a leak (a major leak) that will be fixed (a whole new roof is going on). The house also currently has both a swamp cooler and an AC unit on the roof, the swamp cooler will be coming down when they fix the roof.

The front yard is landscaped with two mature trees and a plum tree with rosebushes but the back yard needs some work. It has a pool with a slide (hooray!) but (and you can barely see it in the photo) but the only trees in the yard are three orange trees, one of which hangs over the pool and drops fruit into it (Gross, I know!). The yard is flood irrigated so I am excited to get a garden and some other fruit trees planted. But it is a good sized lot (you can't tell that from the photos) and it has nice covered back patio, perfect for grilling!

I realize this is a long post after months of silence but various family members wanted to see the house so here it is. Like I said, when it is finished I will post more photos.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Jordanne is getting married!

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Washington DC

Jill contacted me about six months before we left complaining that for the Senior Class Trip her high school was going to Disneyland, she didn't want to go to Disneyland and she didn't understand why they couldn't go some place cool like Washington DC. This got me thinking, Colby and I had been talking about going somewhere fun in the summer but couldn't decide on someplace that we both could agree upon. Colby served his mission in the DC South Mission and we had visited for just a couple of days a few years ago (which turned out to be over six years ago, time flies) but we had always wanted to go back, spending more time there. One thing led to another and we were off to spend 9 wonderful, exhausting, humid, tiring, fabulous days in the Washington DC area.

I had to get this photo of how we spent our layover in Chicago, Colby is watching a Netflix movie on his cell phone while Jill watched a movie on her iPod nano and I read a book on my Kindle. It felt so techie but I laughed at all the travelers fighting over the power outlets to charge up their devices.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jillian's Senior Pictures

Part of the reason Jillian came to stay with me over the summer was so Erika could take her Senior Pictures. As usual, she did an amazing job!

You can see more of Jillian's amazing photos at Erika

Jillian Homecoming 2010

Jillian was on Homecoming Royalty and was totally robbed of the crown. ;) I was able to travel to St. George to see her and to do her hair for the dance. The parents escorted the Royalty members onto the track during half-time for the Homecoming Football Game. She looked amazing!
The following day was the day date and dance. Dad, of course, was on hand the threaten her date into behaving properly (as if that was a problem, he is a good guy!)

Jillian went with Kendall Wilkey, his dad Rex and our Dad were mission companions so it was just kind of funny that they went together. Jillian, of course, looked amazing (even wearing her Converses)!
Jillian has wanted to wear pearls in her hair since Jocee wore them to a dance and they looked incredible against her dark locks.

Every time there is a dance we always stage a photo of the girls (be it Jordanne or Jillian) pinning the flower on their date but every time I end up pinning the flower so the date doesn't bleed from the girls tender ministrations. This time the staged photo didn't turn out (Jillian looks stoned) and I accidentally ended up in the photo while pinning the flower on.
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I am glad I was able to be there to see Jillian looking all grown up!

Phoenix Zoo Summer 2010

Jillian came and spent some time with us over the summer. One morning we braved the heat and visited the zoo. By braved the heat I mean it was 92 degrees when we started and an hour later it was 102 degrees.

Houseboat Summer 2010

We were able to join the family for a couple days out at the lake to stay on Dad's houseboat. Luckily everyone except Jocee, Zorn and the kids were able to come while we were there (but we missed them). Because there are so many of us it was mob scene most of the time, trying to find a place to sit, let alone sleep could be a challenge but we loved every minute of it!

Henry was even there, well kind of, a brave pregnant Rachel made the drive from Logan to suffer in 125 degree weather to join us at the houseboat.

If you are wondering why there aren't any photos of me, let's just say the person who carries the camera determines who is the photos and since I carry the camera I get to decide. Also, nobody really wants to see my glow-in-the-dark white body in a bathing suit.

Jillian got a job for the summer counting fish on the Virgin River (okay, her official job title was something else but basically she spent every day at the River counting fish) and as a result had a wicked tan from her shoes that took forever to go away.

Montezuma's Castle and Well

Okay, I realize it has been a little while since I posted on this blog. In my defense I do post five times a week on my book website but I guess it is time to update the blog and fill everyone in on what Colby and I have been up to for the last little while (okay, almost a year).

After our trip to CA we decided to seem some of the local sites here in AZ. Too many people go on vacations to visit other places but never see the sites around where they live. We drove up to Motezuma's Castle, which I was told by everyone and the website was a hike to the ruins. Umm...they was a level paved concrete path that round trip was less than 1/2 mile.

Unfortunately this was about as close as they let you get to the ruins. We had anticipated something a bit more challenging than than level path that took less than a 1/2 including photo time so we decided to go see Montezuma's Well. It was a great choice!

The Well is a much longer hike with a lot of stairs if you want to go down to the actual water and not just view it from the rim. The water that flows into this well is warm and fresh and over a million gallons a day flow through it. There are numerous animal trails and Native American ruins around the Well including an amazing irrigation system created by the Native Americans who farmed in the nearby Valleys.

It was a little warm while we hiked by well worth the drive and the trek!