Friday, December 11, 2009

Family Chaos

Thanksgiving weekend I was a complete slacker and forgot to pull out my camera for most of the weekend but I did get a few funny photos. This is a photo of Jordanne trying to watch a movie but both kids wanted to be on her lap and the cat refused to move out of the chair so they all shared.

Jocee and the two kids were staying at Dad's house while Jocee waited for the appearance of Cartr (yes, I spelled that correctly). Jocee and the kids shared Jordanne's room and Jordanne got the couch. Jocee was downstairs putting the bedding back on the bed and Jordanne was helping her. Jocee realized the box springs were off the frame a little bit so she lifted up the mattress and had Jordanne hold it while she adjusted the frame. This is what happens when we let Jordanne have control of anything.
Jocee thought Jordanne was holding up the mattress but the mattress fell and Jordanne couldn't get out. Of course, we wouldn't help her up until I had taken a picture.