Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lachelle Graduation

We were able to go down to St. George to watch Lachelle and Jordanne graduate on the same day. (Yes, two graduation ceremonies in one day, not many are so lucky ;) ) We were only able to go to one of Lachelle's three graduation ceremonies, though. Lachelle has worked very hard through high school and graduated not only with her high school diploma but also with her Associates Degree from Dixie State College. Lyman, Kim, and Bentley were able to travel down to be there on this important day also. Bentley didn't like all the shouting that occurred when Lachelle went through the "D" and doesn't look very happy in this photo.

After the graduation we all went to IHOP to enjoy a celebratory brunch before Lachelle went on a charted bus with the other Seniors in her class to enjoy a grad night trip to Disneyland with 15,000 other seniors. Congrats Chelle!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It lives!!

We were given a daybed from my sister right after we moved out of our first teenie one-bedroom apartment. She wasn't the first owner but beggars can't be choosers and I am grateful to have a spare bed for guests. I have to admit that I haven't loved it since we were given it and have spent the last seven years looking for a replacement that I can afford. I finally realized that I can't afford what I want (I know, sometimes I struggle) so before we move I decided to refinish the daybed and hopefully make it look better. (I know you are all saying, "But Jessica, the tacky 80's brass is so attractive!") I took off the really tacky large broken round brass knobs (think Bedknobs and Broomsticks on steroids) before I remembered to take the before photo. With a little bit of sanding, filling in the knob holes, and several layers of paint it looks like a completely new bed.
Of course, no project that I ever undertake ever goes as easily as I anticipate. After getting it all painted, Colby and I started to put it back together and left a black mark on the wall. This required another trip to Home Depot and a lacquer layer but I am very pleased with how good it looks. This was my first refinishing project.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Law School or Bust!!

Well, the decision has finally been reached. After much fasting and praying, we are moving to Phoenix Arizona so I can go to law school. I have to admit I am little nervous about moving after living in Salt Lake for eight years and having made so many friends. Also, when I moved up here everything I owned fit in a horse trailer, now we are having to get at least a 17' U-Haul to move it all. Amazing how much stuff you collect after eight years of marriage (and no jokes about the number of books I have :) ). I am happy to be leaving the snow behind and moving onto the next portion of our lives.