Tuesday, September 30, 2008

D.J. Wedding Reception in St. George

I realize that I am considerably later than I usually am with the postings. Life has been hectic lately and I think I am cooler and more techie than I really am. I was trying to do this really cool video montage with music set to the slide show. Needless to say, almost two weeks later and still no music.

The wedding was amazing, D.J. looked great in his D.I. tux. Yes, D.J. bought his tux at DI for $25.00. Only he would find such a great tux there, it fit him perfectly. Rachel was beautiful in her great dress. The ceremony was beautiful and it was great to see so much of the family there.

The only sad note was the noticeable lack of mom at all the festivities. It is hard to believe that she has been gone for almost a year but she would have loved all the festivities and she really loved a chance to chat with all the family and friends. At one point in the Temple I looked over and D.J.'s leg was bouncing just likes hers did and I couldn't help but smile because she was always jiggling one leg or the other.

The reception was held at St. George Ford. I admit that I had my doubts when D.J. first suggested it. (Okay, I tried long and hard to convince him that it wasn't an appropriate venue for a wedding reception but obviously I am a sucker for what my siblings want.) We were only able to set up at 4:00 p.m. and the reception started at 7:00, not much time to transform the car dealership but I had amazing help.

There is no way I can mention everyone who was so helpful but the main thank you's go to Kay McArthur, Amber McArthur, Sherri Wilcox and Debbie Gull. Kay and Amber did all the flowers and decor, they are amazing! Amber arranged all the flowers, fresh and silk. (I'll bet those who were there couldn't tell which were which, I know I couldn't.) Kay's decorating talents never cease to amaze me. Everything was was grouped together perfectly with photos of the bridal couple.

Sherri prepared all the food for the reception and it was incredible, as usually. Every time I walked past the buffet table there were three more different items than I had seen before. (I should weigh an additional fifty pounds just from all the treats I stole walking past the buffet table.) My favorite was the Oreo™ cheesecake and I know Sherri made it just for my family since we are all such big fans.

Debbie made desserts for the reception and whipped together the aprons for the little server girls despite only being given one weeks notice because someone didn't call her as quickly as she should have. (My bad Debbie and the girls LOVED them!)

Numerous aunts, uncles and cousins pitched in and lent a hand during the reception setup, take down and the dinner the night before (posting to follow). We are so blessed to have such a loving and helpful family.

Deon and Sato, two co-workers of dad's, provided the live music and were incredible! They brought all their own equipment and performed during the entire reception.

Dad brought a note of humor to the reception (I know you all are shocked) and made Rachel sign an "As Is, No Warranty" in front of everyone stating that she "can't return D.J., even though he is an older model, an '86".

Afterward everyone dug in and we had the place cleaned within an hour. Let me just say how grateful I am to all the family and friends that we have. There is no way this reception would have been half this nice if I hadn't had all the help and assistance I had. Thank you everyone!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dunn Wedding

On Wednesday my cousin Paul married his sweetheart Heidi. The wedding and the reception were beautiful. Spencer, Paul's younger brother, looked really sharp in his tux.

Wyoming Reception

Last Weekend we traveled to Wyoming for D.J. and Rachel's Wedding Reception in Rachel's home town of Lander. The reception was beautiful and freezing! We St. Georgians were not expecting it to be as cold as it was in September.

Matt and Rachel had a discussion about what he was going to wear to the reception so Matt thought it would be funny to show up without a shirt on. Needless to say, Rachel was not as amused as the rest of us. After the reception was over Rachel's father displayed the most amazing fireworks show I have ever seen. He had recorded him talking about Rachel growing up, dad talking about D.J. growing up (dad rose to the occasion and made all of us cry), D.J. talking about Rachel and Rachel talking about D.J. He had four songs set to music and it was incredible!

Lander is a small town in the middle of Wyoming. We thought St. George was small but on Saturday night we decided to go and grab some dinner at 7:30 p.m. The only restaurant open was the Taco Bell drive through.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Peach Picking

Last weekend we spent in St. George, on Sunday the request come for people to come pick peaches. Jordanne, Colby, Jillian, Dad and I went out at the unearthly hour of 6:00 a.m. (yes, that is a 6:00 a.m. for those of you doubtful that I can get up that early, it wasn't pretty but at least I managed to get there) to help pick peaches.

It was amazing to see the number of people who turned out. It reminded me of when the pioneers would turn out to help someone in need. The farm wasn't prepared for the number of people who showed up and for how quickly the peaches were being picked but they worked hard and the peaches were taken care of.