Friday, May 21, 2010

CA Vacation Legoland

On the first full day in CA we went to Legoland. I have to admit I was super impressed by the detail work and scale that went into the displays. You can see how large the Washington Monument is compared to my tall husband. Bentley loved the rollercoaster ride and wanted to go again and again.

There are over 2.5 million legos in the park and it is amazing the different displays. Here we were in the Castle themed portion of the park and you can see Kim's cute prego belly getting in on the action.

The park was great especially since Bentley was tall enough to go on most of the rides and they weren't too scary for him. The park also had a couple of more exciting rides for the adults that we were able to go on.

CA Vacation Day One

We were able to go to California this last week with Colby's family and we had a blast! The first day there we went to the beach and FROZE! Unfortunately, we choose a very cold week to be there. It was hard to leave the 90 degree weather in Phoenix for the 60 degree weather in California. After walking in the sand and ocean without shoes we weren't able to find a place to wash our feet so Kim and Lachelle made do with an outdoor hand washing facility by the bathroom. The crazy people at the beach were actually swimming in that overcast cold weather. I guess Colby and I have adjusted to Phoenix alot more quickly than I expected.

The photo below is an accurate photo of how the guys spent most of the trip, gathered around Colby's phone looking at something or other.