Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Winter Zoo

Two weeks ago Jocee and her cute two kids came up and stayed with us for a couple of days. Brejden loves to come and stay at my house, I mistakenly thought it was because he loves to see his favorite Aunt Jessica, but I have since learned it is because I live by the zoo. Jocee and I took the kids to the zoo and we all had a blast! I have to admit going to the zoo in the middle of winter is the best time to be at the zoo, no one is there.

The weather really wasn't that cold and the kids loved it! As you can see, Milly had the best view from the front pack. Jocee and I took turns carrying her so we got to count it as an exercise day.

Now almost every time I call Jocee Brejden wants to know if I am at the zoo. I have decided he thinks I go there everyday because if he lived here he would want to, so obviously I must be there.
If you look to the left of Brejden you can see the monkey that came up to see him. Because there were so few people at the zoo and it was colder all the animals were really interactive with us.

We missed having Mom with us this trip, it felt odd not to have her there riding in the electric wheelchair that she rode with us the last few times we have been at the zoo. She loved the animals and would happily point out animals to Brejden. We also missed the mountain lion (or cougars) trying to attack her through the fence. For some reason every time she would come near their pen one of the cougars would try to attack her. It was the craziest thing to see and it did it more than one trip. We don't know if it was the chair or some smell she was giving off because of all the chemo and pills she was on. I tried to attach it to the blog but Colby told me it was too big and some people would have a hard time being able to view our blog so I have not attached it but instead have included of photo of Mom in early 2007.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Junior Prom

Last weekend we traveled to St. George to help Jordanne prepare for Junior Prom. She was so excited to dress up and be pampered. The hair and makeup were courtesy of Jocee and I with Jillian assisting with comments when we were lopsided with the curls. It's hard to believe that she is already sixteen and will be a senior next year. She looks so grown up.

Jillian and I had party plans but she came down with a fever and spent the weekend in bed. Next time we go down her and I are going to play though. Jillian is really busy with her friends and school and is an amazing writer. She is the one who wrote Mom's obituary (with a little help) and it was beautiful.

Digital Century

After much contemplation, I have finally decided that the Williams' need to enter the digital world. If you are interested in the name of the blog, citadel is play on the meaning of Williams, which is protection and digital should be self explanatory. I can't honestly say I have much to post right now but new postings should be coming soon.