Sunday, May 18, 2008

Yard Work Surprises

Colby and I finally buckled down and attacked the weeds growing in our flower beds in the front yard and came upon an abandoned quail 's nest with eggs in it. I have seen a male quail in the back yard every morning for the last month so I suspect we have a nest somewhere in the backyard as well. I have decided not to go looking for it in case the quails decide to abandon that nest also. I have also decided not to let Smokey Joe (my killer attack kitty) into the back yard because he would chase any birds in the area off and/or kill the birds if he could catch them. (Although I have been tempted because I have yet to eat a cherry off my tree in the backyard thanks to the birds enjoying the cherries every year.)

This year Colby and I decided to landscape the side of our house with native drought resistant plants to help conserve water. We visited this great nursery called Cactus and Tropicals and picked up three different yucca plants and three sage brush plants. I can't wait for it to rain so I can smell the wet sage brush.

While we were working in the yard Smokey Joe had his face pressed to the screen begging to be let out. I have to admit our yard is looking much better but I am sure feeling sore from spending most of the day on my knees and the rest of the time in flats (as most of you are aware I wear high heels almost exclusively so anytime I spend a lot of time in flats my calf muscles are sore, yes, I admit it, I am a wuss).

Signs of Summer

It seems that summer/spring has finally decided to come to Salt Lake City. It took long enough to get here but in typical Salt Lake weather manner it doesn't just get warmer and nice, no, it has to get in the 90's when last week we got snow. On a happy note, I was finally able to pull out my hammock and enjoy my beautiful backyard, my favorite thing about the house we are currently renting. Of course, by mid-week this week we are supposed to drop 30 degrees and be 60 but at least we were able to enjoy the warm weather this weekend.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Graduation at Last!

Last weekend I finally graduated! If you look closely at the slide show I am the one in black with the funny hat on. My dad and sisters Jordanne and Jillian traveled up and Colby's parents came up for the day. Kim and Bentley joined the family and kept everyone entertained. Jordanne and Jillian found the ceremony so thrilling that Jordanne pulled out a book to read and Jillian started reading over her shoulder. At one point, I looked across the stadium and saw both my dad and Colby's dad sound asleep with their heads resting on their chests in the exact same way.

After the ceremony we were joined by Wendy, Rob and the kids, Shawn and his wife Hailey, and my friend Emlyn with her cute little girl, Millie. The day was beautiful and Colby was king of the grill. We were able to enjoy the sunshine (of course I ended up sunburned).

I will admit I am looking forward to having some time off before I start law school. I am hoping to get some of my U.F.Os completed (unfinished objects) from my craft basket and read books that I want to read and not that I have to read.