Friday, November 27, 2009


In honor of Thanksgiving I thought I would post several things I am thankful for:
1- My husband
2- My health
3- My family (crazy as they all are)
4- My religion
5- My freedom
6- Technology that allows me to stay in contact with everyone through the various methods (i.e. Cell phone, internet, etc.)
7- Good road system that allows me to travel a long distance to be with friends and family
8- Food (and all the yummy calories I now need to work off)

I could go on and on but I don't want to bore you all. This year was different for me because it is the first year in the last five that I have not cooked/been responsible for the Thanksgiving dinner. Ever since Mom got sick with cancer the second time I have been in charge of the meal and this year I got to sit back, relax, and enjoy all the good food. It sure made the day less stressful but it did feel a little weird.

We spent the morning and the meal with Colby's family. I forgot to pull out my camera because I was too busy stuffing my face. Later we went to my family's house and played card games. I would like to say that I was smart and went to bed early since I knew I was getting up WAY too early to go shopping the next day but Jordanne and I stayed up talking until about 1:30 am and then we were up at 4:00 am to hit the sales. Needless to say, I am tired!

Editor's Addition: Photos. These were taken by my mom or sister.

Thanksgiving 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Brandon Sanderson Book Signing

One of Colby's favorite authors is Brandon Sanderson, an LDS science fiction author (who I also like). Several months ago he released his book Warbreaker and did a book signing tour in Salt Lake City. Unfortunately, it was the same weekend as my ten year class reunion and Colby couldn't go. (Believe me, I got to hear ALL about how upset he was over missing Brandon to have to go to an event he didn't want to be at.) Brandon has since released a book he co-wrote with the late great Robert Jordan and was here in Phoenix for that book tour.

We went to the signing and there were a ton of people there. Those of you familiar with the scifi/fantasy genre, Robert Jordan wrote the Wheel of Time series and passed away before completing the series, Brandon was contracted to finish the series. We were able to listen to Brandon talk about getting contacted to write the books and he read a section from the book. He was very personable and surprisingly entertaining to listen to. As you can imagine, most scifi/fantasy writers are pretty hermit like and not entertaining to meet in person. Brandon was definetely not the norm. We really enjoyed the presentation and then waited in line for a little over an hour to get our books signed.
I highly recommend reading his books, very well done and witty! You can also find a review I wrote of Elantris at my website Novelreaction.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day

I just wanted to take a second and remember the reason for Veteran's Day. Some of my earliest memories are of Mom keeping us out of school so we could go to St. George and watch Grandpa McArthur march in the parades with the rest of the veterans. I was always so proud to see him in his uniform with all his medals across his chest. I also gained a greater appreciation for my freedoms from listening to his stories about being on the frontline during the European Campaign during WWII. I am also grateful for my McArthur ancestors who fought in the American Revolution.
Colby and I were lucky enough to be able to visit several of the memorials that are located in Washington DC. The above photo is the WWII Memorial located on the Mall of America. I was so glad that they finally have a memorial to recognize all the sacrifices made by those who fought in WWII.

We also saw the Korean War Memorial, which was incredible and really hit home because Grandpa Squire was a part of that military campaign.
We also visited Arlington National Cemetery. It was humbling to see all those who fought to keep our country free. We also saw the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. I am so grateful for all those who have fought and continue to fight to ensure my freedoms. I am also grateful for all the families of those who fight and the sacrifices they make to ensure our freedoms. Finally, my thoughts and prayers go out to those who lost family members in the Fort Hood shooting last week.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Colby and I attended our ward's Trunk or Treat as a way to support the ward (and to get rid of some of the candy I bought since Colby and I had been eating WAAYY too much of it ourselves, dang you Costco and your fabulously large bags of good candy!). All my attention has been on school lately so at the last minute I figured out to dress our car as a ghost. Unfortunately, that was the extent of my creativity so Colby and I went as ourselves to the party. I thought the car was cute and looking good until a van pulled up next to us and pulled out a strobe light and a fog machine, needless to say we were overshadowed.

On Halloween night we continued our yearly tradition of watching "Young Frankenstein", which is the best Halloween movie ever. We were visited by Riley and Erika and the two cute boys were dressed up as a fireman and a carpenter but I forgot to pull out my camera to get a picture. They were so cute! The following Monday I watched the boys for a couple of hours and Haydn wore his boots and fireman hat all day with his pjs. (He had informed me that it was a pj day and he didn't need to get dressed, how do you argue with that?!)